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Government Agencies

At Southeast Emulsions we offer a full slate of emulsion products and consulting services for government agencies ranging from state DOT’s, to county and city municipalities. Call us and see how we can work for you.

Paving Contractors

At Southeast Emulsions we offer a full slate of emulsified and liquid asphalt products serving all types of contractors and construction projects in the Southeast United States.

Industrial Products

At Southeast Emulsions we offer a full range of technical and development services through our numerous US laboratories. Additionally, we have a technical services staff with trained and degreed chemists and chemical engineers that can consult and offer solutions to industrial customers.

At Southeast Emulsions, let us show you how we can help extend the life of your road network.

Pavement preservation should be a long-term solution, not a temporary fix.


We understand that every project is different. We’ll listen to your specific needs and collaborate on the best solution.

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