Stand Up For Safety

There has been a whirlwind of activity around our new Safety Program initiative since the start of implementation in June. At the last Safety Steering Team meeting, it was decided to call our new Safety Program, Stand Up for Safety. Our hope is that when you see the name or are a part of safety discussions in the future it will trigger action on your part. We want all employees involved in our Safety Program and we want all employees to Speak Up, Speak Out! to improve our safety culture. Our safety culture puts Safety on the same level as production and quality. As you have heard Management talking about this initiative, YOU are responsible for SAFETY in the company. You must take the initiative to care about the health and well-being of fellow employees, to see what is going on in your surroundings, and to say something if it doesn’t look safe. A key element is catching and recognizing people doing the right thing, Positive Recognition.

The Reeves Continuous Improvement (CI) Team is: Chris Sotello, Joel Barry, Keith Thompson, Rick Bowman, Brian Clements, Rebekkah Bennett, Emmet Hall, Freddie McHanney, and Philip Bertsch. The CI Team met, received training and is currently finalizing improvements for the first process, Take 5/Take 2. The CI Team has
renamed the process to Take Time For Safety!

GOAL ZERO SAFETY INITIATIVE RECAP: The first Management Leadership Team was trained and identified the company’s Safety Steering Team. The Safety Steering Team then identified the first Continuous Improvement (CI) Team and Project (Take 5 Take 2 Process). Next came the first round of SCEWs (Safety Culture Excellence Workshop) that were held at each Region in August with more to come in December. Extensive training on the program’s processes and procedures is required up-front for Cultural Transformation to occur. During the week of August 17th the CI Team met for the first Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW). The CI Team reviewed the current process and identified what improvements could be made and developed the implementation plan. The team felt an improved process deserves a fresh start with a new name, Take Time for Safety. They will be surveying an identified pilot group on how the current process is performing. Then CI Team will pilot the improved process beginning in November. Once the pilot run is completed the CI Team will reconvene to review results and make final adjustments to the new process. The new Take Time for Safety process will be rolled out across all regions during the 2016 Safety Days.

It is critical to make sure all employees understand the program, what is expected of them, and the process for reaching our end goal. END GOAL = GOAL ZERO!